Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Toffee Crunch Bar: TWD

I'm a kid who likes to eat with my fingers. Ice cream sandwiches are the right size to hold without getting too sloppy. TWD baker, Whitney of What's Left on The Table selected sweet this week.

The bars are quick to make. Like most bar cookies, it starts with a shortbread base. Prep the pan, so once the bars are baked, they will easily release. Sitting on top of the shortbread layer, a film of chocolate is smoothed over. Then the best part, Heath Chocolate Toffee Bits sprinkled (and gently pressed) on top. Heathbars have been around since 1917. The perfect blend of milk chocolate and caramel and almonds. However, as much as I liked them, the bar was a bit too hard to bite into. These were filled with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. Any suggestions? Still pretty good.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cover Cake: TWD

Pink (White)out cake was the selection from Stephanie, Confessions of a City Eater for Valentine's Day. My guys loved it. The devil's food cake is a riff on my beloved Brooklyn Blackout cake from the famed Ebinger's bakery. The cake is too perfect for this world. Cocoa flavor with layers of light, airy marshmallow and a crunchy crumb coating outside. Heaven. The traditional Blackout had a chocolate pudding filling. That was good too.

Baking is fairly straightforward....Dry ingredients, fluff butter and sugar, add eggs, alternate buttermilk and dry ingredients. Bake, cool, unmold, chill, split. Bake the crumbs at 250 for 1 hour.

Frosting. Separate room temperature whites and start the mixer on low to break up the eggs. While this is in motion, mix sugar, water in SMALL saucepan (with candy thermometer) over med-high heat. When the sugar boils, cover and boil for three minutes. Now start to pay attention. After 3 minutes lower heat and watch the temperature rise AND increase speed on the mixer, making sure the whites remain glossy. Do NOT over beat. Once the mercury climbs to 230 (this does take time) get in the ready position to pour the HOT liquid into the mixer, straight down in the space between the beater and the bowl. Hard work is done, a little over 15 minutes....mix, mix, mix until bottom of the bowl feels like room temperature. How fluffy.

Fill and frost, you're done!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I Am An Island: TWD

An island of meringue gently poached in milk and plated in a sea of creme anglaise. Floating along with other islands this is one dessert that is made to impress. TWD baker, Shari Whisk: a food blog hosts this selection.

Using room temperature egg whites, start slowly to get the foamy bubbles going, add sugar, whip up to the meringues stage. Form the islands by taking two spoons and with a motion of scooping and rotating, ovals are created. Poach in the simmering milk. Drain and chill until ready.

Reserve, strain and heat to scald the milk for the creme anglaise. Patience in stirring. Ribbon stage for the yolks, then a bit of the scalding milk is added to temper the eggs. Back to the pot with a gentle flame and more stirring. Figure 8 motion, until liquid coats the back of the spoon, about 10 minutes...no texting, no phone. Strain this pouring custard and once made is poured into the serving dish. The meringue is gently placed on top and then drizzled with caramel. A classic composed dessert. Very retro (my mother-in-law always made for her father-in-law) and very good.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cookie of State: TWD

If only that simple. The cocoa, chocolate chunk, salt, and texture brings everyone together towards the common goal; peace. I propose World Peace Cookie to act as Special Peace Envoy. Suppose its mission is to promote solutions for peace, and as an ambassador, travel around the globe. How nice. Dorie, want to sign on?

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