Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Cookie

The Tuesdays With Dorie book club is on to another cookie. Claudia from Fool for Food selected Chocolate Chunkers. A cookie with pedigree!

The cookie is an alluring array of chocolates. This flavor eruption blends together SIX types of chocolates that were already in the pantry; Valrhona cocoa powder, Trader Joe's bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate, Santander, a current favorite in semi-sweet, Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips, and Lindt white chocolate chopped into chunks.

It is studded with peanuts and raisins. Scoop, chill and bake.

Unfortunately, it is rather turd like in looks, however it is pretty delicious.

I guess appearances can be deceiving.


Lori said...

greetings from the upper west side - however bad they look, these cookies really are delicious! you are so right.

The DeL Sisters said...

We really liked them as well! Yours look great!

Engineer Baker said...

Appearances aren't everything, thank goodness :) I'm glad you liked them!

Peggy said...

the cookies were not the prettiest, were they? But oh so good!

Jules Someone said...

Glad you liked them. Delicious trumps pretty any day.