Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dough Re Mi

Rugelach dough is my pretend puff pastry without the wait. TWD's host this week Piggy's Cooking Journal offers Rugelach. It's a half moon shaped, croissant like flaky cookie, filled with mini-sized juicy currents, bittersweet chocolate chips and organic chopped walnuts that provide big flavor. This magical dough puffs when baked. Also, this versatile dough is perfect for cardamom-sugared palmiers or pain au chocolat. Follow the links to the recipe.

Making them is kind of like making a pizza. Roll the chilled dough disk into a flat circle. Add the filling and cover with parchment and press gently into the dough. Divide the dough into 16ths and roll-up starting with the 'crust' into a crescent. Chill. Before baking, brush with egg whites and sprinkle with sugar.

Into the oven they go.

Rugelach is my comfort cookie. Recipes like Dori's are passed down to the next generation. It's always a welcome gift to give. Everyone loves them.


chocolatechic said... did you get that beautiful perfect circle?

Yours look fabulous.

Jules Someone said...

I never thought about using the dough for other things. How right you are! Those look lovely!

kim said...

yours look wonderful!! i am going to have to try out the palmiers with this dough :)

steph- whisk/spoon said...

they do look great, and using the dough for pain au chocolat--you are definitely on to something there!

AmyRuth said...

Very nice post! First time for me to make them. Funny thing...I always thought they were puffed pastry. Go figure that something so good could be so simple. Thanks for the clarification.
They're beautiful.

KATHY said...

Hi Lauren-
I tried to email you but it didn't go through. I've been stopping in at your blog from time to time. Your pics look amazing! Looks like you're really getting the hang of the photography. I love the "Dough Re Me" shot. Could you send me the recipe for the Rugelach? I know my Dad would love it.

I just started my own food blog.

Check it out sometime.
Take care!
-Kathy (from the ICE class)

Karuna said...

This looks very tempting, and I am sure my husband will love it.However I was not able to find the link to the recipe.Can you please send it to me?