Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkin Muffins

With the drop in temperature, I was happy to make Sarabeth's spicy pumpkin muffins. Sarabeth's is THE iconic brunch bakery/restaurant on the Upper West and East Side where the wait is way too long for me. To open a bakery/restaurant, this would be the model. Thanks to Kelly from Sounding My Barbaric Gulp! of TWD, these little jewels are at my fingertips!

Moist pumpkin muffins have just a touch of sweetness.

Finished with sprinkles of sunflower seeds. Very healthy. Half the flour was replaced with whole wheat flour. Nice texture.

Autumn pumpkin treat.


Jules Someone said...

Those muffins look mighty tasty!

Engineer Baker said...

I love that we're all so impressed when we end up with even a semi-healthy Dorie recipe. Love the picture of all the squash too.

Barbara said...

Lovely muffins! That last picture is amazing -- what a variety of squash, pumpkin and gourds.

AmyRuth said...

So glad you enjoyed baking these muffins. Your photos are lovely. Wow, what a collection of fall bounty. Nice.